Our group is interested in the inter-discipline of materials characterization, microstructure engineering, alloys design and advanced manufacturing. We are focusing on phase transformation and microstructural evolution in the lightweight metallic materials under various thermal, mechanical and chemical environment, with an emphasize of the compositional and structural non-uniformities and their roles on the performance of materials, to design the novel high-performance alloys and advanced manufacturing techniques using microstructure engineering. We utilize multi-scaled ex-situ and in-situ characterization techniques, including scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography, to investigate the physical mechanisms of phase transformation and deformation in advanced alloys, particularly for nanostructured alloys and additively manufactured metals.


Thanks the following agencies for supporting our research!




3D microstructure reconstructed

 using MIPAR

Materials Characterization


We investigate the micro- to nano-scale structure in materials using advanced characterization techniques, especially electron microscopy:

  • In-situ heating/cooling/straining electron microscopy
  • 3D characterization 
  • Atomic resolution aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
  • Quantitative microstructure analysis and data science 

We appreciate the funding support from the DOE NEUP Infrastructure.


Nanoscale particles characterized using FEI Talos F200s S/TEM

Advanced Metals and Alloys


We design novel metals and alloys by the manipulation of nanostructures for optimal properties targeting specific applications. Our research is focusing on studying the influence of nanostructures on the phase transformations and deformation behaviors in metals and alloys. 


We appreciate the funding support from NSF CAREER Award, NSF EPSCoR Research Fellowship Program, NSF CMMI MOMS Program.


Ti alloy powders characterized using Scios 2 FIB/SEM

Advanced Manufacturing


Our research work focuses on producing shaped products that possess consistent and high quality performance by advanced manufacturing. We investigate the site-specific defect, microstructure and deformation behavior in the metals and alloys fabricated by advanced manufacturing.  


We the funding support from NSF CMMI AM program, and industry collaborator, DNV