Our group has more than 600 square feet lab area (WPEB246, WPEB246A, and SEM212), which hosts a variety of alloy processing and materials characterization equipment. Our Alloy Processing and Sample Prep Lab is located in WPEB246 and WPEB246A, hosting MTI KSL-1200X muffle furnace, MTI GSL-1500X-II high temperature tube furnace, MTI STX-202A desktop precision diamond wire saw, Bühler IsoMet High Speed Precision Saw, Allied MetPrep 3 Grinder/Polisher, GIGA-1200 vibratory polisher and ZMS0745TS Stereo Microscope. Our Materials Design and Microstructure Characterization Lab is located in SEM212, hosting the Materials Design and Microstructure Analysis Workstation and TEM/STEM Remote Control Station.



FEI Talos F200 S/TEM with Super-X EDS system

FEI Scios 2 DualBeam FIB/SEM 




Hysitron TI-900 TriboIndenter


Hysitron PI-85 TEM PicoIndenter


Hysitron PI-95 TEM PicoIndenter


Gatan Tomography TEM Holder


FEI TEM Sample Holders


Materials Processing Equipment 


Sample Preparation Equipment


Materials Design & Microstructure Analysis Workstation

  • Pandat2020 package, including
    • PanPhaseDiagram
    • PanPrecipitation
    • PanDiffusion
    • PanSolidification
  • MIPAR image analysis package with Deep Learning and 3D Reconstruction capability
  • CrystalMaker Software
    • CrystalMaker 10.6
    • CrystalDiffract 6.9
    • SingleCrystal 4.1
  • Dell Precision 7820 Tower Workstation (Intel Xeon Gold 6130 2.1GHz, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD)


Materials Characterization 

  • In-situ TEM nano-mechanical testing (FY2020 DOE NEUP Scientific Infrastructure Support) 
    • Hysitron PI-95 PicoIndenter
    • Gatan OneView Camera
  • TEM/STEM Remote Control Station with remote access to  
    • FEI Talos F200s S/TEM equipped with SuperX-EDX technique 
    • FEI Themis Z S/TEM equipped with SuperX-EDX technique (collaboration with CEMAS OSU)
    • FEI Image Corrected Titan G2 60-300 S/TEM equipped with SuperX-EDX technique (collaboration with CEMAS OSU)
  • Phenom G2 Pro Desktop SEM
  • ZMS0745TS Stereo Microscope


Phenom G2 Pro Desktop SEM


TEM/STEM remote control station 


Materials Processing and Specimen Preparation 

  • MTI KSL-1200X Muffle Furnace (up to 1200oC)
  • MTI GSL-1500X-II High Temperature Vacuum Tube Furnace (up to 1500oC)
  • MTI STX-202A Desktop Precision Diamond Wire Saw
  • Bühler IsoMet High Speed Precision Saw
  • Allied MetPrep 3 Grinder/Polisher
  • GIGA-1200 Vibratory Polisher 
  • Gatan SOLARUS Plasma Cleaner


MDC group has full access to:

Microstructure Characterization Facility

  • FEI Talos F200 S/TEM with Super-X EDS system
    • FEI Single tilt holder
    • FEI Double tilt holder
    • FEI Double tilt low-background EDS holder
    • Gatan 626 Cryo holder
    • Gatan High field-of-view single-tilt tomography holder
  • FEI Scios 2 DualBeam FIB/SEM with EDS-EBSD system
  • FEI Nova600 NanoSEM


Micro- to Nano-scale Mechanical Testing Equipment 

  • High-throughput ex-situ nano-mechanical testing system: Hysitron TI-900 TriboIndenter
  • In-situ SEM micro-mechanical testing system:
    • Alemnis Indenter System
    • Hysitron PI-85 PicoIndenter


Materials Processing and Sample Preparation

  • Edmund Buhler Gmbh Compact Act Melter MAM-1
  • MTI Tube Furnace OTF-1200X
  • MTI HR01 Hot Rolling Machine
  • Pace Technologies TERAPRESS TP-7500 Compression Mounting Press
  • Struers Tegramin-20 Auto-polisher
  • Fischione 1010 Low Angle Ion Mill
  • Fischione 170 Ultrasonic Disk Cutter
  • Fischione 150 Dimpling Grinder
  • Fischione 110 Twin-Jet Electropolisher