We investigate the impact abnormal sensory processing has on cognition. Specifically, we focus on what drives the system to over-respond (hyper-excitable) or to under-respond (hypo-excitable), and how this can negatively impact information processing. We focus on clinical populations, such as autism, schizophrenia, and migraine, and on individual differences in the neurotypical population.

From here, we can uncover 1) the mechanisms that govern 'healthy' sensory functioning, 2) biomarkers of pathological sensory functioning, and 3) potential methods to improve the sensory environment and new behavioral treatments. The overall goal is to establish if methods for improving sensory processing have cascading improvements on complex cognitive processing.


If you wish to be a participant or would like to work in or with the lab, please contact me.


University of Nevada, Reno,
Department of Psychology and Center for Integrative Neuroscience,
1664 N. Virginia Street 
Reno, NV 89557-0296
Tel: +1 (775) 682-9885
Email: shaigh@unr.edu