Our lab is directed by Prof. Petros Voulgaris and is located at the University of Nevada Reno's Mechanical Engineering department. 

Research Interests: optimal, robust, and distributed control and estimation; networked control; autonomous systems; cyber-physical systems; cybersecurity; applications of advanced control methods to engineering practice including, air-vehicle, power, nano-scale, robotic, and structural control systems


What's New?


  • 04/2022: Funding: Project entitled "Towards Attack-Resilient Vision-Guided Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: An Observability Analysis Approach" is funded by National Science Foundation. P. Voulgaris (PI). Total Award Amount: $274,354.

  • 01/2022: Funding: Project entitled "Robust and Resilient Autonomy for Advanced Air Mobility" is funded by NASA - UNIVERSITY LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE. P. Voulgaris (Co-PI). See the story in NEVADA Today