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Lake Tahoe is only 30-minutes from Reno!

Lake Tahoe is only 30-minutes from Reno!

Marian Berryhill, PhD

My academic profile can be found in my CV.

I am a transplanted New Englander who has adapted to Western sunshine in November. One of my great joys is working collaboratively with others, and with the research team at UNR. In addition to collaborators in the Department of Psychology (Drs.Gideon Caplovitz, Sarah Haigh, Cindy Lancaster), on campus (Dr. Nic Murray), and extramurally. We enjoyed teaming up with our colleagues from two NSF EPSCoR Track II grants (2016-2022) the Attention Consortium, (PI Dr. Peter Tse) and the Learning Coalition (PI Dr. Jared Medina). I also get to build a research group with graduate students (currently: Jorja Shires and Jenna Pablo) and a large group of undergraduate RAs (see below). With Dr. Mariann Weierich and Dr. Dennis Mathew I am a co-PI of the Nevada ENDURE grant designed to achieve improved diversity amongst neuroscience researchers. 

We are always interested in expanding our team and collaborating. Please contact me directly (mberryhill at

Graduate Student Jenna Pablo

Graduate Student Jenna Pablo

Jenna Pablo is a 2nd year graduate student in the MB Lab. She earned her bachelor's and Master's degrees from Cal State Stanislaus.

She is working on the Schizotypy project with the Haigh Lab

Jorja at work!

Jorja at work!

Jorja Shires (CV) is a 5th year graduate student. She is studying the effect of reward on working memory. She is also studying how to use neuromodulation to improve WM. She earned her bachelor's degree at UC Davis. 

Graduate Student Alumni:

Hector Arciniega, PhD Postdoctoral fellow at MGH/Harvard Medical School

Adelle Cerreta, PhD Instructor at Western Nevada College

Dwight Peterson, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology at Concordia College

Kevin Jones, PhD Research Associate at UCSF/Neuroscape

Jaclyn Stephens, PhD Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Colorado State University

Filiz Gözenman Sapin, PhD Statistics and Research staff, UNR Counseling Center

Ryan Tanoue, MS Riflery Coach, The Ohio State University


Undergraduate Research Assistant Alumni:


Undergraduate RAs: 2020-present

  1. Joseph Castellanos
  2. Melissa Felipe
  3. Crystal Guiao
  4. Alexandrea Kilgore-Gomez
  5. Olivia Hall
  6. Damien Fertitta
  7. Katryn Cabeguin
  8. Muskan Kapila
  9. Arianna Cotom
  10. Karina Kneeland
  11. Lena Kemmelmeier
  12. Beau Oster (ENDURE)
  13. Caleb Ryce (ENDURE)

Undergraduate RAs: 2010-2019

  1. Carly Andrus
  2. Gunnar Annis
  3. Hector Arciniega
  4. Amanda Arizmendi
  5. Jessica Atkinson
  6. Nicole Baldridge
  7. Grant Barber
  8. Jessica Bisbee
  9. Jennie Bowers
  10. Matthew Burford
  11. Carlos Carrasco
  12. Joseph Castellanos
  13. Padricia Chambers
  14. Bien Cornejo
  15. Caitlin Crane
  16. Gabriella Dimotsantos
  17. Lisa DuPont
  18. Edward Elliott
  19. Abby Feenstra
  20. Melissa Felipe
  21. Alex Flores
  22. Emily Fox
  23. Crystal Guiao
  24. Willow Hammon
  25. Elizabeth Hofschulte
  26. Riley Kellermeyer
  27. Alexandrea Kilgore-Gomez 
  28. Hannah Kinavey
  29. Sierra Kreamer-Hope
  30. Adrienne Lattin
  31. Daniel Lide
  32. Blanca Luch
  33. Keith Madrona
  34. Morgan Martin
  35. Christie Mayor
  36. Jaclyn McBride
  37. Tracie McCain
  38. Karen McKay
  39. Carlie McKissick 
  40. Terina Metoyer
  41. Sunny Mok
  42. Hannay Nagy
  43. Maci Pfaffenberger
  44. Pragnesh Patel
  45. London Patton
  46. Candace Peacock
  47. Sophia Pierce
  48. Lexus Redmond
  49. Raven Romska  
  50. Raymon Rosado
  51. Jennifer Shepack
  52. Payton Smith 
  53. Anthony Sofia
  54. Royal Stewart
  55. Megan Tilman 
  56. Tran Zen Torres
  57. Fernando Valenzuela
  58. Jeffery Webb
  59. Charles West 
  60. Karen-Nicole Williamson
  61. Paul Woodland
  62. Michael Yco