Graduate Students


Samantha Lee

Integrative Neuroscience

(PhD program)


My current research interest is in multiple object processing and whether objects from different categories can be processed simultaneously when presented together. I employ behavioral methods to assess processing performance and use this to make inferences about relative independence of the object processing systems in the brain. I hope to extend this research to include groups with disordered object processing, particularly reading disorders and visual agnosia.



Janice Baker

Integrative Neuroscience

(PhD program)



Janice joined the lab in August 2021!


Janice's Master's work in Nevada Today

Graduate Alumni


Matthew Harrison (Ph.D.congrats!)

Cognitive & Brain Sciences


I’m interested in how coordination of visual processing between the two cerebral hemispheres facilitates object recognition. My recent research focuses on face perception, which is associated with visual processing mechanisms predominantly lateralized to the right hemisphere. Because information in each visual field is initially projected to and processed by visual cortex in the contralateral hemisphere, information must be shared between the hemispheres when faces are viewed centrally (the way they usually are). I use psychophysical and fMRI methods to investigate how, and the degree to which, the lateralization of face processing influences interhemispheric integration of visual information for normally viewed faces.


Matt defended his dissertation August 5, 2021!




Dr. Zhiheng “Joe” Zhou


Ph.D. awarded in 2019. Joe is now a postdoc
at UC Davis, working with Dr. Joy Geng.

Ana Chkhaidze


Completed M.S. (Integrative Neuroscience) in 2018. 
Ana is now at UC San Diego.