EECB JEDI response to anti-Asian hate crimes

Read our statement of support and resources for our AAPI colleagues (Under the Statements Tab)

Diversity Statements

We Fully Support the Goals of Black Lives Matter

In response to the Black Lives Matter protests in summer of 2020, the faculty of EECB in collaboration with JEDI wrote a diversity statement and created two committees dedicated to addressing the systemic bias that is pervasive in academia and our department. The student JEDI committee is determined to help the Faculty of EECB continue this work and create a more equitable and inclusive program not only for our Black colleagues but also for all people of marginalized identities in STEM.

We Support the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

In response to the massive increase in hate crimes and violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community across the US, and in particular in response to the tragedy in Georgia in March 2021, the student JEDI committee wrote a statement and compiled resources for our AAPI colleagues and for our non-AAPI colleagues to learn and find ways to offer support.






Actions to Increase POC and LGBTQIA+ Support in EECB

In 2020 the student JEDI committee outlined concrete actions to increase support for POC and LGBTQIA+ students and faculty. Check out our subpage to learn more and see our progress.

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